Announcing! Rionag: Survey Fleet

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 · Calum Wood
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Check out the Rionag: Survey Fleet Steam page and wishlist now, a top down starship builder and logistics game, where it's your job to balance the needs of the crews with cutting edge equipment on board. Each Tech unlocks new capabilities for your ships to go through more hazardous environments enabling you to make the new discoveries and explore new worlds.


Design the best ships for the job, with the fastest ships being the smallest and having the shortest range, and the larger ships being able to travel farther and carry larger scientific equipment to explore new worlds and stellar phenomena. Each ship becomes its own puzzle to solve, routing pipe networks around each other to get the required resources to equipment.


Manage the best scientific minds in the sector, give them the tools and equipment to explore aboard great exploration cruisers or the resources they need aboard stations, and create teams that can collaborate on the great problems of the era, from faster-than-light communication to exotic material research allowing ships to venture into space never before thought possible.


Develop new technologies from the sciences and learn how to retrofit them onto your ships, or design new ships that take advantage of the latest developments and stay on the cutting edge. Each part of a ship can be upgraded or replaced, so there is no guarantee of finding a design that works in all cases.


Explore asteroid fields with ancient remnants of star formation, high radiation zones in younger star systems, and the gaseous atmosphere of a gas giant. Each provides its own challenge in ship design, crew requirements, and specialisations, and each has its rewards in discoveries and technologies.


Move resources between stations and create a durable network that ensures the needs of the sector are met. Initially, this can be as simple as moving mail and travellers, but this can lead to transporting volatile antimatter and the logistical challenges that need to be solved.